With all of the recent natural disasters, it may be hard to consider the impending yardwork a wonderful metaphor of life, but I argue that it is.  We have no control over what happens but we can control our reaction.

In North Carolina, we have been pounded by torrential rain from Tropical Storm Michael.  We will recover from that as we are recovering from Hurricane Florence.

(Note: We are holding families who’ve lost loved ones in these storms in prayer, and are in no way trying to minimize your grief.)  

From past experience however, we know we will soon see neighbors outside, cleaning up the debris left behind. This is an extreme circumstance for us, but it reminds me of something we ususally do in an effort to keep our yards and neighborhoods presentable.

We pick up twigs and branches and pull weeds.  We plant flowers and trees and when people ask, we say: “Just been out doing a little yard work.”

Yard work, and in my case that means pulling a lot of weeds, seems to be a never-ending process.  Here’s where we can choose to be different.  Instead of cursing and complaining about the leaves, why not let calm take over and think ahead to the desired result.  Therein lies the beautiful metaphor for my life’s journey.

There will always be things that need to be weeded out if success is my goal.  I have to weed out bad food to protect my heart.  I have to weed out people and situations that distract me from my success goal. Once I weed out the bad, I’ve made room for the good and the beautiful to grow.

The weeds, just like the distractions, will come back because you never really get them all.  What I promise myself in this state of calm is to bring them to an acceptable level, allowing me, (and hopefully you too), to move forward with a smile.

Stay positive, y’all,

Coach C