It’s both funny and a little sad how disciplined we can be with other people’s time (on a job) but when it comes to doing things for ourselves (our business or dream) the discipline seems to take a back seat to any and everything else.

My question for you is why not take self-discipline out of the backseat of that car you are driving?

There is always something to occupy our waking hours, the trick is not giving in to it. Now is as good a time as any to become the self-disciplined you that can make your personal dreams realities. All you need to create your new normal is the right mindset, preparation and practiced change.

Once I change my mind, I can change a pattern that hasn’t worked for me.

We traditionally seem to feel helpless to the needs of our family and friends. The truth is we are not.  Tap into the support system that surrounds you and allow others to help so you can stay the course.  Will you miss some things? Probably, but if the tradeoff is a better, more secure life for you and the people you love, it just might be worth it.

Mindset amounts to thinking like a Boss and not an employee.

  • Delegating what you can delegate and sticking to the commitment you’ve made to yourself.
  • Making yourself a priority, and no that is not a bad thing.
  • Prayerfully releasing the notion that “If it gets done, I have to do it.”

None of that is easy, but our innate need to control has left many budding entrepreneurs with dreams and nothing to show for it.

Make up your mind that this is your time and season; list things that have held you back before and prepare ways to handle distractions differently.

That intentional action is the Preparation that eliminates excuses.  When we get comfortable in our excuses, not only do we become stagnate, we become very critical of those breaking the mold.

I am a big fan of lists, followed up by positive affirmation for change. My list has these three columns:

  1. What Usually Happens
  2. What I Want to Happen
  3. How I Make It Happen


Three columns, three opportunities to affect change in my life and business. Does it change in a day? Never.  However, it is quite amazing to watch my environment rise to match my attitude and responses.

I didn’t make the shift in a day.  I first committed to  Practiced Change.  I’ve never known a superstar or super elite that didn’t practice.  Yes, we hear of flukes, but a little more research usually shows that even those overnight sensations logged many, many practice hours.

  • Practice being your best you.
  • Practice anticipating distractions
  • Practice saying: “I made a commitment to myself”
  • Practice being accountable to yourself
  • Practice saying ‘no’ with an alternative. “I can’t, but have you thought of trying this.”

My suggestion is tunnel vision toward your goal, quiet and dogged determination and a prayerful request for strength and guidance.  Add to that gratitude for even the smallest gain and you have created your recipe for Self-Discipline.

Yes you are worth it!

Coach c