The number one ask I get from clients is how to stay focused on a project or a vision. The simple answer is: Practice, Practice, Practice! Yes, Focus Takes Practice.

• Practice saying no to things outside your vision
• Practice surrounding yourself with people who support your effort
• Practice shutting out those well intentioned discouragers
• Practice making your vision a priority
• Practice keeping ‘Life Happens’ moments in perspective (Have a game plan for things we know will happen like death, taxes and sickness)

I know that sounds harsh, but these are the enemy’s way of blowing apart a vision or dream. I would offer that by leading with love, you can address any life incident without losing sight of your goal.

Focus means not being everything for everyone on every occasion. It means planning and knowing what you can do and getting ahead of the game so that you keep a buffer for setbacks. Initially, expect resistance from those who always had you at their beck and call. However, as you lead by example and with love you are doing three things:

• Staying true to your assignment
• Empowering others in your life to pick up the slack and
• Creating a result that benefits you all

Focus offers something else and that is balance.

When we lose focus, we seem to be all over the place, out of time and out of patience; so we give up on our dream. Those dreams are gifts, not to be squandered but developed into realities that build a better place for our world and the people in it.

So whether your dream is personal, philanthropic, entrepreneurial or all of the above it is worth staying focused and seeing where it leads. It is worth practicing and developing skills that keep you on track and it is most certainly worth the feeling of accomplishment and gratitude that comes from a goal reached and a job well done.

Stay focused y’all!
Coach c