Carol Andrews sows seeds so greatness in others can bloom.
Her straight-talk approach allows Truth, Humor, and Transparency to prevail.
Expect to laugh and maybe cry but the end result will definitely bring smiles all the way to the bank.



We are a full service Speaking and Executive Coaching Business with emphasis on Entrepreneurs and Authors.
We are great at getting to the heart of your matter and building a platform of success from it!
Book Carol Andrews for Keynotes or as a group training facilitator.  From Mindset of an Entrepreneur to Customer Service to Media Relations to Teamwork, Carol has turned what she's learned into profitable turns for your business.  Expect knowledge, transparency and humor as she engages and involves her audiences.
Executive Coaching
Carol Andrews works one on one with executives and small business owners to move your business and productivity to the next level. We address stumbling blocks and discover individualized tools that move you from struggling to success. "The sky really is the limit, sometimes we just have to be reminded to look up." 

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